It isn’t getting easier for small scale producers eeking out a living selling direct, but we continue to give it a red-hot go and support those who do! I reckon I can confidently say it’s been a very tough year for many but, here we are, ready to shake it off and embark on a new one with renewed vim and vigour.

Melbourne Farmers Markets has had an extraordinary year of contrasts – we are so delighted and excited to be partners in the joint venture with Sustain: The Australian Food Network in establishing the Melbourne Food Hub in Alphington. So much preparation and planning has happened this year, and all will take shape very soon, made possible to the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation, who are supporting Sustain in this trailblazing enterprise.

We’ve moved our base to Melbourne Innovation Centre which is a vibrant business community if itself. Transforming our site has been a mountain of work, but gradually the signs are starting to show, and our weekly Sunday market has been embraced with great enthusiasm by the community.

Our small team are a powerhouse of energy and dedication, and it is thanks to them that our enterprise continues to have the reputation and credibility that makes our work worthwhile. We farewelled a few, but gained new and fabulous faces, and we are very proud of the effort we invest in creating an incredibly positive community within our challenging environment.

We’ve learnt from the raw honesty of others this year that it’s far better to share the hardships and work towards an outcome together. The achievement is all the sweeter to share.

I hope that 2019 goes a little easier on our community, and that yours is a happy and healthy one. We will pop back up in early January for the delights of Summer produce that we are spoilt to be provided by our farmers.

Thanks for all your support this year, and here’s cheers to an upcoming year of achievement and fun.

Best wishes,

Miranda and the MFM team.