Stallholder Enquiry

If you're interesting in becoming a stallholder at our farmers' markets, the below information is the perfect place to start. Click on each step below to find out more.

Stallholder Enquiry

Very simply, our farmers’ markets are for Victorian farmers to sell direct to their customers. Specialty makers (i.e. people who value add primary produce) are expected to support Victorian farmers by directly sourcing their ingredients.

Our farmers’ markets are all accredited by the Victorian Farmers’ Markets Association (VFMA) . We do not permit wholesalers or resellers to trade. Our stallholder criteria includes accreditation with the VFMA.

Are you already accredited with the VFMA? Yes? Great! No? Find out how to become an accredited member of the VFMA. 

Melbourne Farmers Markets (MFM) accepts applications from producers that are yet to be accredited with the VFMA; however, we strongly recommend that producers begin the accreditation process whilst applying for our markets. To secure a regular stall at MFM markets, the producer must gain accreditation before the end of the three-market trial period.

New to the industry & need advice?

As we get inundated with stallholder enquiries, we ask you read through the complete application process and criteria first to see if you are eligible to have a stall at our markets. If you are starting from scratch in the farmers’ market industry, are unsure if your product is suitable for farmers’ markets, or simply need some advice please contact the MFM office before completing an application.

Attention Specialty Makers:

When responding to enquiries, we prioritise primary producers before attending to specialty maker requests or applications. This is because we are, first and foremost, farmers’ markets. Specialty makers are asked to have VFMA membership, and be on the way to gaining their accreditation, when they apply to attend our markets.

If we receive a speciality maker application with no evidence of directly sourcing primary ingredients from Victorian farmers or no demonstrated efforts to do this, you may not hear from us for some time while we respond to applications meeting our criteria.

We do not accept merchandise, books, craft, art or bric-a-brac stalls. No exceptions.

Community organisations interested in attending our markets do not require VFMA accreditation. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest reading through our complete application process to ensure your community organisation is aligned with the values of MFM and then send us an email.

Generally, each stall site is approximately 3 x 3m with allowance for one vehicle at the location of the stall. However, every market location varies so please be aware that vehicle access may sometimes be restricted and any discrepancies with stall sites will be discussed and pre-arranged prior to market day. 

Requests for additional space or vehicles must be approved by Melbourne Farmers Markets (MFM) prior to market day.

Stallholders are required to bring their own marquee and stall set-up equipment, such as trestle tables, chairs, displays etc

Powered sites are limited at market locations, which will determine where stallholders requiring power will need to be sited within the market layout. Stallholders are required to bring their own leads (+ spares) to plug into power. Please notify MFM if you can operate your stall without power, as there may be times when we are at capacity and unable to offer a powered site. 

Here is a list of things to consider when becoming a stallholder at MFM including costs and permits:

  • Running a Market Stall in Victoria guide by the State Government of Victoria, Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Public Liability Insurance: minimum amount to be insured is $10 million. Primary producers are often able to include public liability insurance onto existing Farm Insurance Policies.
  • Streatrader Registration: must be obtained by all food /produce stalls prior to trading at MFM markets (excludes non-food items such as flowers & plants, dog food, beeswax candles). Streatrader registrations are made through your local council. Most councils in Victoria charge a registration fee. These registration fees vary from council to council and are charged depending on the risk classification of your premises, whether you are a business or a community group and the number or type of premises you manage. For more details regarding Streatrader or your fees, please contact your local council.
  • Statement of Trade: must be completed via Streatrader for each market date and location to be attended, once an arrangement has been made with MFM.
  • Meat Producers: who wish to sell fresh meat at an MFM farmers’ market are required to have a PrimeSafe license, as well as a Streatrader registration with the farmers’ market’s local Council.
  • Biodynamic and organic labelling can only appear on signage and packaging if the product is certified with a recognised body within Australia.
  • Egg producers must have a current free-range certification with an accredited Australian body.
  • Market equipment: stallholders are required to bring all their own equipment such as 3x3m marquee, marquee weights, table, display set ups and cash tin and float. VFMA members regularly have access to discounts for marquee providers.
  • VFMA accreditation application: costs involved include a $55 annual membership plus an initial accreditation application fee of $30.
  • MFM stall fee per market site paid online prior to market day: 
    • A stall fee of $100 for a non-powered site or $110 for powered (+ $0.50 booking fee)
    • Our stall fees are inclusive of $10 levy collected on behalf of the VFMA. View VFMA levy benefit.

Our stallholders are committed, are you?

Our markets operate all year round; rain, hail or shine.

Early morning starts are usual and regional stallholders may have a very early morning start when accounting for travel time. Most markets require arrival for set up no later than 7:30am, ready to trade by 7:45am with the farmers’ market start time of 8am (there are often early bird shoppers and line ups to get in!).

Stallholders are expected to have a strong commitment to the market they are attending and respect the market community of producers and makers. Failing to attend the markets without notification or giving sufficient time for MFM to find a replacement directly affects the integrity of the market. Gaps in the market place, both in layout and produce availability, does not fare well with customers’ commitment to return to the market.

Achieving a Healthy Market Balance

MFM work hard to achieve a healthy mix of stalls in each of our marketplaces. It is a fine balance of creating a marketplace that offers a viable opportunity for all stalls attending and providing choice for customers.

We understand the different selling potential of products, such as weekly perishables (vegetables) versus non-perishable pantry items (olive oil).

We closely monitor our markets’ existing product range and when signals such as customer demand, feedback and site availability become apparent, MFM will look at offering a suitable stallholder a market trial period that addresses the void.

Seasonal produce and products not commonly found in the markets (i.e. quinces, passionfruit, peonies) are often easier to allocate a site compared to the farmers’ market staples (i.e. eggs, bread, cheese, meat)

If we are unable to accommodate new stallholders with an immediate site, we have a waiting list for the next suitable opportunity.

Melbourne Farmers Markets endeavour to create a welcoming, fair and safe market community for everyone. 

Code of Conduct:

Melbourne Farmers Markets welcomes stallholders’ input and is open to fair and direct feedback, however we will not tolerate confrontational or aggressive behaviour towards any staff, volunteers or shoppers. Inappropriate behaviour will result in warnings and potential removal from the market.

Similarly, those stallholders who ignore the rules of accreditation, labelling or agreements made regarding goods for sale will jeopardize their position at our farmers’ markets.

If you have concerns on a market day about operations, your site or another stallholder, please speak with the market manager in a reasonable manner. If this situation cannot be resolved during the market, and you wish to pursue it further, your complaint must be formalised with written submission to the MFM office within seven days.

If a stallholder is found to be in breach of our regulations or code of conduct, MFM will review their participation at all our farmers’ markets and suspend further attendance if deemed appropriate.

If you have thoroughly read through all the Stall Enquiry information and are satisfied that you would like to apply to our farmers’ markets, we welcome you to complete our application form.

Primary producers and specialty makers complete the same form however certain sections may or may not be applicable. The more detailed and informative your application, the better!

Follow this link to complete the stallholder application form.  

Interested community groups, organisations and one-off businesses interested in having an information stall (not to sell any items) are suggested to send us an email at