Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sell at a Melbourne Farmers Market?

Stallholders at our markets are either:

  • farmers selling the produce they have grown or raised
  • specialty makers who make products from ingredients that they have made every effort to directly source from Victorian farmers.

Our farmers’ markets are all accredited by the Victorian Farmers’ Markets Association (VFMA). We do not permit wholesalers or resellers to trade at our markets.

What if it is raining? Will the market be on?

Our markets operate all year round; rain, hail or shine. Our farmers and producers make the effort each week to attend our markets so, even when it’s not a great day outside we encourage you to rug up and get out there to support them! They will be very grateful you did and your household fridge and pantry will be all the better for it!

Are all the fruit and vegetables sold at your markets organic?

A large amount of produce sold at our markets is organic or biodynamic, but we also have conventional produce available. Farmers claiming organic or biodynamic status must show their certification and can only label their produce as biodynamic or organic if the product is certified with one of the six recognised certification organisations within Australia.

Are all the eggs sold at your markets free range?

Yes, all our egg producers are free range and must have a current free range certification with an accredited Australian body

Are dogs allowed at your markets?

Yes, but they must be on a short lead.

Are your markets cash only?

Some stallholders have EFTPOS or other credit card facilities, however most operate as cash only. ATMs are available onsite at our markets and you will be able to withdraw cash for a small fee

What can I expect to buy at your markets?

In season Victorian produce direct from the farmers, growers and specialty makers. See this page for more information on what to expect. Just before the market we will also put up a list of stallholders attending on the specific market page.

How do I shop at a farmers’ market?

We recommend heading in early to get the pick of the bunch as stallholders often sell out. Start by doing a lap of the market and ask questions from the stallholders as they are the ones that have grown, picked, reared and made the produce!

We encourage shoppers to use an open shopping list e.g. leafy greens rather than baby spinach. That way you can choose what looks good or is the best value on the day.

Our markets are plastic bag free so don’t forget to BYO reusable bags!

Do stalls need to have health permits to sell at your markets?

Yes. All stalls selling food must be registered with their local council’s health department via Streatrader, which is the Food Act registration system in Victoria. In addition to this registration, all businesses selling food must comply with further regulations in their own sector, such as farmers selling meat must also have a license from PrimeSafe.

All our stallholders are bona fide businesses with product and public liability who operate with a high level of professionalism and the same level of compliance as other purveyors of food.

Your website says your markets are plastic bag free. What does this mean?

We ask you to bring your own bags and trolleys to our markets. We ask our stallholders not to provide plastic bags, and we need help from customers to reinforce this message. We also encourage shoppers to bring their own coffee cups and mugs to help us reduce the waste created at our markets.

Some of your markets have entry fees. Where does this money go to?

If a market has an entry fee or community barbecue, the funds raised from these activities go directly to the community organisations, such as Carlton Primary School, we have chosen to partner with.

Who are Melbourne Farmers Markets?

Melbourne Farmers Markets is a not for profit, social enterprise dedicated to Victorian food and producers, regional food cultures, seasonal produce, biodiversity, sustainable farming practices and strengthening of relationships between the consumer and the producer. We operate seven (…and counting) vibrant and successful farmers’ markets across Melbourne.

What does accreditation mean?

We are very proud that all our farmers’ markets have been awarded accreditation by the Victorian Farmers’ Market Association. This means that when you shop at a Melbourne Farmers Market you’re guaranteed the person you are buying from is a genuine farmer, grower, baker or maker. You won’t find wholesalers or resellers at our farmers’ markets.

Look for the tick when you are shopping at a farmers’ market in Victoria. More information on this page.

What if there's a COVID lockdown? Will the markets still run?

Short answer: Yes, farmers markets are an essential food service.
Long answer: Like everyone in Victoria we never know what each week will bring. We always follow government advice on whether we can run or not, but so far our markets have continued to operate during COVID lockdown, albeit with some changes to make sure they’re COVID-safe (depending on the current advice there are often changes to density quotients, mask wearing, number of people who can shop from each household and whether customers can enjoy food on site or have to take away).
Sometimes we need to relocate because the site we would usually host the market on is closed, but rest assured that we do our utmost to make sure our farmers have a spot to sell their fresh produce and the community has the opportunity to come support our Victorian farmers.
We keep our calendar on our website up to date with where we will be each week, along with our Instagram and Facebook pages.