By MFM intern and food waste warrior, Chikako.

When I see fresh cherry at markets, I realise that it’s the Christmas holiday season. Having spent the last 2 Christmas in Australia, cherries for me are very festive fruits.

Did you know that you can use the cherry pits?

Once you have devoured your cherries, keep the pits! The pit is empty inside, and this space can retain hot or cool air. So if you warm them, they can be used as hot patch and if cooled, it can be an ice patch, which is great to get you through summer!

This is how you make mini pillow just follow this simple method

  1. Dry clean pits in a low oven or under the sun
  2. Put in cotton bag, or sew your own pouch
  3. Seal the pouch, and your pillow is ready to use
  4. To use as a heat pad, microwave pillow for 30-90 seconds, depending on the size of your bag. Be careful not to overheat. To use as a cool patch, put pillow in a freezer for 1-2 hours.
Tip: Make sure all the fruit is removed from seeds and seeds are completely dried in order to prevent unpleasant smell.

I have to say that to make an actual pillow size, it may need 1-1.5 Kg cheery to be consumed…Sounds like long way to do…so what I would make is a mini pillow that can be a patch for your shoulder or mini patch that can be applied as eye masks.

Does this idea of re-using cherry seed good to you? Then grab your shopping bag and head down to your local farmers market to stock up for Christmas lunch/dinner but also for a cherry pillow to keep you cool through the summer!

Did you know?…

This idea of reusing cherry seeds come from Europe- labourers at cherry brandy factory used cherry seeds to help them in pain relief. They would make cherry stone pillow and warm it up and apply it on their bodies.