Coburg North Primary School has received substantial funding from the State Government to upgrade their school buildings and grounds.  We’ve been working with the School Council for some time to include the Coburg Farmers’ Market into their planning and stages of building development but unfortunately the interim site and time-frame available are not adequate for a weekly market.

So, Coburg Farmers’ Market is on the lookout for a permanent new site!

We are dedicated to keeping the Coburg Farmers’ Market community of stallholders together and to staying as local as we can.  We already have a shortlist of nearby sites, but we want to hear from you if you have thoughts or local connections we can investigate.

What site elements does the Coburg Farmers’ Market need?

  • Hard, vehicle- accessible surface that is robust enough to have small trucks & utes bump in & all-access public use
  • Available open space- minimum 1500sq/m (approximately 3 basketball courts)
  • External power accessibility- Either lots of outdoor power points or the capacity to install 2 three-phase power outlets for distribution boards to be installed (approx. 20 x 10amp sockets & 10 x 15 amp sockets)
  • Running water and sullage point accessibility
  • Waste services
  • Weather suitability; weekly market, all year round
  • Existing infrastructure accessible i.e. under cover areas for public use
  • Onsite storage facility access
  • Parking availability- both on the market site for stallholders and ample street-parking for patrons


If this sounds like a site you know, and there is a genuine interest in partnering in a community initiative, please contact: Prudence Rothwell,

We understand this may be an inconvenience for regular Coburg patrons but please rest assured that we are confident of a positive outcome for the Coburg FM community… Keep in the loop of site updates via the Coburg Farmers’ Market Facebook page!

Warm regards,

The MFM team