First and foremost, we hope you’re doing ok out there. It’s unbelievable to think how much life has changed for us all over the past couple of weeks. We hope you’re navigating this changing landscape safely and in good health.

We’re pressing on here at MFM – rolling with the punches and taking each day as it comes, but it’s hardly business as usual…

In order to keep us all safe and to keep going as long as we are permitted, markets will look pretty different this weekend. We’re making changes to how we operate and asking you to make some too. We also needed to re-locate our market at Abbotsford Convent to our home at Melbourne Food Hub in Alphington.

It’s heart-breaking to suspend our wash station and discourage social contact but we’re sure you understand these measures are to keep us all safe. Let’s tackle this together with kindness and consideration for everyone.

Please read carefully.

Feeling sick?
Or been in contact with someone who could have or has COVID-19? Do not attend our markets please.

Hand hygiene
Before attending a market, please wash your hands thoroughly at home. Upon arriving at market please sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided by MFM at the gate. There will be hand washing stations set up around the markets and stallholders will be extra vigilant with hand washing too.

Markets now cash free
Markets are now cash free. All stallholders at markets will be able to accept credit and/or debit cards. A square reader will be set up at the gate of the market for entry donations. There will be no ATM.

Leave the team at home
Please limit the amount of people you bring along with you to our markets. Wherever possible just 1 person per household only.

No toilets on site
Toilets will only be made available to the public in emergency situations (yes, a desperate child does count as an emergency – but we ask, where possible, to leave the kids at home). Please go to the toilet before leaving home.

Market hours
Please do not arrive at our markets earlier than the advertised opening times (8am Saturday / 9am Sunday). Stallholders need the time to set up and be ready to serve in a safe and unrushed manner. Our insurance does not cover you before the market opens.

One in one out
We will be limiting the amount of shoppers in the market at any one time. Expect to wait upon arrival and please adhere to social distancing guidelines standing 1.5 metres away from the person in front of you. Do not crowd – this will not make the line shorten any quicker!

Limit your time at market
Please limit your time spent at market to under an hour. If you see someone you’d like to catch up with, give them a wave and call them when you get home.

Social distancing
Please strictly adhere to social distancing. We will be marking up the ground at markets to indicate intervals of both 1.5 metres and 4m square blocks to help you keep a safe distance away from other shoppers.

Touching produce
Customers should no longer select or touch fresh produce. Stallholders will help you select produce. Please be patient upon arriving at a stall until a staff member indicates that they are ready to help you. Stallholders will be pre-bagging produce as much a possible to provide speedier checkout.

Food safety
All stallholders will adopt an increased vigilance with regard to food safety compliance.

Ready to eat food
Ready to eat items will be available for takeaway only. There will be no cooking of meals to eat at the markets. We will sadly not be encouraging the social environment of our brekkie/brunch so no tables and chairs for lingering.

Stall positioning
The markets will be laid out to ensure at least 1m between each stall. Regular market shoppers please note: stallholders may not be in their regular positions due to this.

Samples and tastings
Stallholders can no longer offer samples or tastings.

Buskers, face painters, wash against waste station and community stalls
All the above have been suspended until further notice.

When you get home
Wash your hands and produce before consumption.

Don’t come in a rush!
These safety precautions are 100% going to result in a slower paced shopping experience. Please come with plenty of patience in tow. We’re all on the same team.

All of these changes will be supported and enforced by extra MFM staff and volunteers on market day and we are committed to making this work as best as possible as we think it really is make or break for farmers markets. We HAVE to prove that we can provide the public with a safe place to shop or we will be shut down.

Many thanks to you all. Stay safe and well!
The MFM Team