A fire whipped through Tellurian Fruit Gardens and Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens last Monday, damaging around 300 trees. Some will survive, others are partially damaged and many will have to be removed. For every tree that dies, it’s several years of fruit potentially lost whilst a new tree matures.

A lot of produce caught in the fire is still usable (not even a smokey taste!), and perfect for eating/ cooking/preserving. Mt Alexander will be giving this produce away for FREE on Friday as a pick-your-own and in return are asking for a donation to the CFA instead.

There’s also plenty of fruit on the ground that’s suitable for animals and chooks so take along some containers and make use of good food.

Help spread the word and if you can’t get out of town, support Ant, Katie and Hugh by buying up big at Coburg Farmers’ Market on Saturday.



When: 8am – 4pm, Friday 26th January
Where: Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens, 69 Dann’s Road, Harcourt, Victoria 3453
Cost: by donation to the CFA