The delicious kiwi fruit from Beenak Farm in Hoddles Creek (70km East of Melbourne) really show the benefits of Ian Cuming’s certified organic and biodynamic, low impact farming methods.

Ian has been involved in biodynamic farming since the 70’s, and uses his knowledge to produce huge crops of high quality fruit. ‘Hayward’ kiwis are the only variety that Ian grows- they are the fuzzy green ones with a distinguishable sweet/tart taste. Ian reckons they’re best eaten raw, and you can get even more out of them if you leave the skin on. Hayward kiwis are a winter crop, in season from June to September, and in case the cold is getting to you they actually have more Vitamin C than oranges!

You can find Ian and Ann this weekend at Coburg Farmers Market and Slow Food Melbourne Farmers Market, and Collingwood and Gasworks FMs until the season ends!

If you want to read more about Ian, check out this profile at turnip.