No more boring sandwiches! Making awesome lunches to bring to uni

Feeling tired of the same old lunches? The food options at Uni seem a bit boring? Not confident in making some kick-ass food? The Youth Food Movement has some tips for you!

Welcome! This is a series of 5 blogs bringing to you the take-outs of workshops hosted by Melbourne Farmers Markers in collaboration with Fair Food ChallengeYouth Food Movement and Leftover Lovers with the support from Sustainability Victoria and The University of Melbourne through a Love Food Hate Waste Victoria grant.

My name is Kameron Chan and I am a student at the University of Melbourne, currently volunteering with the Melbourne Farmers Markets as a Freelance Food Consultant. Over the next five workshops, I will blogging each workshop as well as provide tips, tricks and take-outs for you to up your food waste game in the home!

Brought to you by Jess and Eve of Youth Food Movement, in conjunction with Melbourne Farmers Markets, the participants of the third of five Love Food Hate Waste Student Workshop (held at the University of Melbourne) gained new ways of imparting bolder flavours into their daily cooking as well as gain some top tips to build their confidence and proficiency in the kitchen.

Attached is a list of few take-outs that you might find useful in upping your kitchen game!

  • To extract all the juicy goodness (and your money’s worth) from citrus, like lemon and limes, briefly heat in the microwave before squeezing;
  • Don’t throw away those spring onion roots! What a better way to reduce waste is to pop these tips into a cup of water and watch them grow! Plant them in a garden and you have fresh spring onions for your next meal! #sustainability #nowaste #savingmoneyonspringonions;
  • Who doesn’t love smashed avo on toast? But nobody loves dull, browning avocado… A cheap, no waste way to prevent this diabolical dystopian from occurring is to leave the pit when storing (nudge, nudge – use bees wrap to level your storage game!);
  • Additionally another way to prevent any other fruit or vege from browning is to squeeze some lemon juice on! This will keep it fresher and vibrant for uses to come;
  • Speaking of toast, to prevent mouldy loaves meeting the bin, put that loaf into a freezer! The lack of oxygen in that cold environment prevents the oxygenation process that mould loves to thrive in. To use, just stick it in the microwave for a few seconds for sandwiches or straight in the toaster. It’s time to level up your bread game!; and
  • Does a recipe seem too imposing and complicated? Never fear and remember Hospitality 101! Mise en place – just lay out your ingredients and get everything ready before you start. This will help build your confidence in tacking those tough meals!

Essentially there is no one way to make the perfect dish; it should be what you feel comfortable doing and what your tastes are. The sandwich and salad recipe provided (see attached) are designed to provide you flexibility and creativity in the kitchen. Think about the textures and flavours of foods that you love and how you can impart them in your cooking game! Want to know a bit more? Contact us or sign up for our workshop and cooking demonstration at Alphington FM!

Blog by Kameron Chan, Freelance Food Consultant – Marketing and Promotions, for the Melbourne Farmers Market’s exclusive use.