Produce at Our Markets


Our stallholders are hard working Victorian farmers and producers who make the trek each week, whatever the weather, to sell their produce direct to you!

For most this isn’t a hobby or social outing, it’s their livelihood. Even those for who travel long distances to attend, farmers’ markets have become their primary source of income and, importantly, they’re trading on their own terms.


Fruit and vegetables: including organics and heirloom varieties throughout the year and seasonal specialties like asparagus and cherries in spring, garlic and berries in summer, apples and nuts in autumn, citrus and potatoes in winter.

Free range meat & eggs: organic, free range and rare breed meats include beef, lamb, mutton, chooks, turkeys, venison, salmon, pork and goat. Plus, you’ll always find a certified free range egg producer.

Farmhouse dairy: think handmade cheeses including goat, sheep and cows milk as well as freshly bottled milk, cream, yoghurt and ice-cream in summer and autumn. You’ve heard lots of talk about the plight of dairy farmers so come and hear the facts from them direct.

Bakery: Handmade artisan bread is a market staple. Several farmers also transform their produce into tasty baked goods like rhubarb fruit cakes, fruit or meat pies and tarts and hot food ready to go.

Pantry: Olive and seed oils, preserves, antipasto, honey, jams, sauces, chutneys, dried fruit, mayonnaise, wine and beer and the likes…

Cut flowers & plants: Whilst they usually aren’t edible, we will always have a selection of cut flowers at each market as well as potted herbs and vegetable seedlings!

All our seven farmers’ markets have been awarded accreditation by the Victorian Farmers’ Market Association. This means that when you shop at our markets you’re guaranteed the person you are buying from is a genuine farmer, grower, baker or maker. You won’t find wholesalers or resellers at our farmers’ markets.