There have been some feisty frosty freezing starts, but haven’t we been blessed with some fabulous sunny market days! Thank you for embracing the winter spirit and coming out to support our local farmers.

While many things have suffered under their icy blankets, the brassica family collectively is loving every minute and it’s a bumper season of sweet, green goodness to fight the flu this year. Speaking of vitamin C (yes that’s right- kale, broccoli and cabbage are full of it), have you tried a combo of broccoli, fennel, orange segments and chopped roasted hazelnuts? What are you waiting for…

Also, did you know that kiwifruit acts as a meat tenderizer in marinades – handy for a secondary cut of lamb, beef or goat for a winter hot pot.

Hop to a market in August for the last of the chestnuts; try some roasted and chopped in with Brussels sprouts.

See you at your local!

Miranda and the team at MFM

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