About MFM

Melbourne Farmers Markets is a registered not for profit and certified social enterprise dedicated to Victorian food and producers, regional food cultures, seasonal produce, biodiversity, sustainable farming practices and strengthening relationships between the consumer and the producer.

We've operated vibrant and successful farmers markets across Melbourne since 2002, starting with our first market at Collingwood Children's Farm. 

The farmers and producers who attend our markets are accredited with the Victorian Farmers Markets Association, which means they have genuinely grown, reared, caught, baked or made the food they are selling.

When you shop at one of our markets you have the unique opportunity to meet the person responsible for your food and directly support their livelihood. At a time where our supermarkets are short-changing Australian farmers, shopping at our farmers’ markets gives you the opportunity to make an immediate difference.

Lots of farmers on the grounds of the Collingwood Children's Farm

What is a social enterprise?
*We've borrowed this definition from our friends at SENVIC (Social Enterprise Network Victoria).* 

Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people access to employment and training, or help the environment. The ‘social’ in social enterprise is inclusive. It describes an enterprise that exists to benefit society, be it the people or the planet.

In Australia, the definition of a social enterprise that is adopted by the national certifying body, Social Traders, and by many others, has three criteria:

  1. It has a defined primary social purpose, environmental or other public benefit.
  2. It derives a substantial portion of its income from trade.
  3. It reinvests 50% or more of annual profits towards achieving the social purpose.

MFM does not receive external operational funding and our revenue is entirely derived from the stall fees that producers pay to attend our markets. Your donations on market day and any grants we apply for go towards the projects we undertake to play our role in the local food system connecting Victorian farmers with urban communities direct. We all want to know where our food comes from and that’s easier than it sounds!

Five fulfilling projects that your current donations will go towards:

  • Partnering with STREAT to host horticulturalists and young trainees on site.
  • Partnering with Outback Academy Australia to establish our native pollination garden along Wingrove Street.
  • Building new garden beds to grow fresh food for households in need.
  • Continuing our foundation role with Moving Feast supporting vulnerable Victorians to source fresh food through COVID19.
  • Hosting community groups and charities in our commercial kitchen.